Lead found in Regina drinking water

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Worried about Lead in your drinking water?

November 4, 2019 - A nation-wide investigation has found that thousands of Canadians are consuming tap water contaminated with high levels of lead due to aging infrastructure and plumbing. The report found that one-third of the water samples tested, including samples from Regina, exceeded Canada's national safety guideline for lead of five parts per billion.

The tainted water generally contains no lead after leaving treatment plants, but is contaminated by lead service lines — the pipes that connect homes and apartment buildings to municipal water mains. Despite the danger, many cities have said that these lead pipes will not be replaced for decades.

Culligan has water treatment solutions for lead. Whether you opt for a Culligan Reverse-Osmosis Drinking Water System, a Culligan Whole Home Water System or Culligan Bottled Water, you can rest assured your water is free from harmful contaminants when you choose Culligan.

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